Conservation Action Plan

The implementation of the Strategy will involve the following actions:

  • Create an information base (Cree knowledge and western science)
  • Create planning support tools to integrate conservation science knowledge into conservation network planning
  • Undertake Cree community level consultations to identify priority conservation areas (areas undergoing high development pressures will receive more immediate attention)
  • Assess suitability and local support for existing protected areas that were established without the appropriate level of Cree consultation
  • Bring all of the priority conservation areas together to design an interconnected, conservation areas network for Eeyou Istchee
  • Once identified and documented, priority conservation areas should be made temporarily off limits to further development until decisions on their designation status are made through implementation mechanisms
  • Establish protected areas through collaborative work with provincial and federal governments.
  • Establish protected areas through collaboration with Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission (Eeyou Marine Region Agreement)
  • Establish conservation areas through collaboration with regional land use planning commissions
  • Explore opportunities for Cree management under different conservation designations
  • If needed, explore the possibility of creating a new conservation designation specifically designed to meet Cree needs
  • Build capacity for Cree management opportunities for conservation areas in the network
  • Establish and implement a monitoring program for trends, changes, interventions etc. Develop methods to measure the effectiveness in relation to goals, ex. protection, restoration and benefits.