The Cree are interested in the potential for world class tourism in the Broadback River Conservation Area. The proposal concept is well suited for developing future Cree tourism opportunities that are not possible in an industrial development context. The implementation of this Conservation Area concept is seen by the Cree as a way to encourage both the general public and future generations of Crees to enjoy the natural beauty of this area, and to connect with wilderness, wildlife and the Cree culture.

The Assinica National Park represents the main vehicle for tourism vehicle for this area. As a national park, Assinica will be designed, funded and managed to encourage tourists to come visit the park. The tallymen and land users will play a key role in tourism development. A tourism management plan guide which tourism related activities are promoted in different sectors of the park.

The tallymen and the Cree Nation of Nemaska are interested in the potential for world class tourism in the Lake Evans area, as well as in the opportunities for employment and economic benefits related to these activities. Maintaining the remoteness values and the ecological integrity of Lake Evans will create a context where high quality Cree tourism opportunities are possible.

The Broadback river watershed is full of tourism potential which has yet to be explored and developed. One of the organizations that can assist in developing the tourism potential is the Cree Tourism and Outfitting Association (COTA). Its main objective is to develop sustainable ecotourism while preserving the Cree way of life. Partnerships with Cree organizations and entities will be key to developing the full tourism potential of the area.

There exists synergies with other related tourism attractions in the area, such as Aanischaakamikw (The Cree Cultural Institute), which provides visitors with a fascinating window into Cree culture, and is located in a beautifully designed building in the Cree community of Ouje Bougoumou. The Albanel-Temiscamie-Otish National Park, with its headquarters in nearby Cree community of Mistissini, will attract a tourist base that might also benefit tourism for the Broadback River Conservation area.