Woodland Caribou Conservation

The Cree are very concerned by the decline of forest-dwelling woodland caribou. This species is federally listed as threatened, and provincially considered “vulnerable”. A recent study has confirmed that the three herds (Nottaway, Assinica and Temiscamie) are not self–sustaining, and are predicted to decline in the future should disturbance on the herds and their habitat continue without the introduction of new conservation measures.

The Broadback River Conservation Area represents a critically important habitat for this species. Cree tallymen and elders have reported many observations of these animals on the territory. Many western science studies have confirmed that the area as one of the most important in Québec for forest-dwelling woodland caribou.

The protected area would contribute to advancing Québec’s objectives in its forest-dwelling caribou recovery strategy. The Broadback River Conservation Area could contribute a very large (> 10,000 km2) protected area, which could meet the habitat needs for forest-dwelling woodland caribou. The surrounding Special Management Zones would be designed with Woodland Caribou Conservation goals in mind.